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Jack Schwartz

The meaning of SENIOR implies so much. With age, we encounter experiences, from bad relationships and poor judgments. The search for a career and the financial strains, often cause hardships with young families. By the time we become of senior age, we hopefully expect to be able to enjoy a more comfortable existence. Unfortunately, we often realize that life is passing so quickly, that you are left with loneliness, depression and many old friends have moved to distant locations or have started new lives, with new mates. Then one day the joy of meeting new friends with similar interests bring excitement into your life.

Instead of being alone, you now have friends to chat with and have a pleasant meal, see a movie together or to just enjoy the camaraderie. You realize that the Golden Years can be the best years of your life. People holding hands can feel the same pleasure, regardless of age. I have personally lived through everything I mentioned. I made and lost fortunes, went through a terrible divorce, and yet in spite of this, I met an attractive lady, who was going through a similar hardship, and was introduced to me by my friends. With friendship, and then love, I found that my Golden Years are the best years of my life.

The meaning of seniors is simply, life can always be rewarding and senioritygolden.com is exactly what will bring you happiness, to make your Golden years the best years of your life. We bring people together and create new friendships. From this, anything can develop.

Founder, Jack Schwartz aka Poppa Jack

Senioritygolden.com – The Senior Citizen Social Network to Create Friendship

Find out what’s happening in over 50 age groups around the world and start meeting new friends near you enjoying the same interests. Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side opportunities become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Seniority Golden brings this amazing social group for singles over 50 to create thriving communities.

Letting Single Seniors Socializing Is Changing Lives

Seniority Golden is all about companionship and finding people with the same interests to enjoy the Golden Years of one’s life. Seniority Golden, therefore, is the world’s best companionship community created by a senior for seniors to meet online.

Single seniors socializing on Seniority Golden are often fulfilled with family, work and finances, but are truly in search of something more in their Golden Years: partners, friends, companionship, relationship etc. Everybody needs camaraderie in life no matter what their age is and seniors do need it the most. Social Groups for Singles Over 50 to overcome loneliness and stay happy in their Golden years.

At Senioritygolden.com, we have a unique profile browsing system that focuses on quality senior online chats and group meetups with no unsolicited contact and an emphasis on common interests and activities. Our groups for seniors to join make it easy to meet other singles over 50 in a group setting. Connecting with other members as part of a community is what really makes Seniority Golden different. Contact to learn more about us and why our senior citizen social network is so important for senior friends to meet! Contact us to know more!