19 Dec

Senior Isolation: How Does It Affect Seniors? How Can Senioritygolden.com Help?

The feelings of loneliness and isolation can lead to serious consequences for senior health. Understanding the risk factors and causes for senior isolation can help us prevent it with better future results. Aging without any family members or a spouse at their side, without near & dears to support them through the difficult times, without any friends to help them smile unexpectedly; this can be harsh for seniors, especially in their Golden Years.  Even though the baby boomer generation crosses the over-65 threshold and grows continuously, many of the aging loved ones are still alone in this crowd.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 11 million people aged 65 and older (a total number of 28%) lives alone. As individuals get older, their likelihood of living alone increases more. Additionally, more and older senior adults do not have children, and that means fewer family members to provide care and company as those adults become seniors.

What Can Senior Isolation Lead To?

According to the study of the National Academy of Sciences, loneliness and social isolation can lead to a higher risk of mortality in individuals aged 52 and older. People who live alone or lack social contacts may be at increased risk of acute symptom develop because there is less of a network of confidantes to prompt medical attention. Efforts to reduce isolation such as senior social groups, senior friends meet, and activities for seniors are the key to addressing this issue. That’s why it’s important to join senioritygolden.com

So, How Could Seniors Avoid Loneliness?

Seniors have the unique skill set and life experience which they can contribute to their communities. It will help to boost their mental health and well-being, and it also ensures a good social connection for them. Another great choice would be to receive educational and training components. For instance, computer training and classes on health-related will provide senior the platform that they may need to stay more socialized. They can also opt for group exercise programs to effectively reduce loneliness and maintain great physical and mental health.

It’s always tempting to think that nobody wants to visit once you started to feeling alone and down. But, the thing to remember here is, your friends, family, and neighbors would love to receive an invitation to visit you and spend time. Unless you try, how could you know that you don’t have new friends to meet!!! Senioritygolden.com is an innovative and one of the very few platforms available today that helps seniors to meet friends online.